Restart Story

You duck and avoid the... wait a second, what are you ducking from?\n\n<<choice "The bees.">>\n<<choice "Umm, nothing.">>
You change into a hulking 6'7" behemoth of a woman. People tremble before your every step, your every breath, bands write songs about this traits of yours.\n\nYou go on a whirlwind tour and meet loads of interesting people, including the prime minister of the Ministry of Sound. You meet a nice sheep herder in the hills of Greece, settle down. Try to introduce cows into the mix, which upsets him greatly, but you two battle through the tough times and stay together.\n\nIt's many years later, on your death bed, that you realize you never clicked on the link for my part of Lockjaw Magazine's adventure story.\n\nAs you draw your last breath... you... click... that... [[link|]].
CYOA Exit Strategy
Are you really sure you're ready for this? It's a spoiler, after all.\n\n\n<<choice "Ready as a piece of bacon on Sunday when it's raining.">>\n<<choice "You duck.">>"
Well great, just great.\n\nI suppose you can get keep on being satisfied with yourself.\n\n\n<<choice "Just get out of here already.">>
You successfully duck from the bees, but are eaten by a grue. Better luck [[next time|]].\n\n
Matthew Hanlon
What does that even mean? Are you ready or not?\n\nYou always were one for the obtuse.\n\n<<choice "I know and I'm just fine with how I am.">>\n<<choice "But... but I can change!">>\n